No joke, we’re giving away a free iPad Pro [Deals]

The iPad Pro Giveaway For the rest of the month, you can enter to win a free 10.5 inch iPad Pro.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to be introduced to the iPad Pro. After all, the laptop-busting tablet has gained a reputation as a powerful, flexible platform perfect for digital creativity. They’re also quite expensive.

Well right now is your chance to get a truly drool-worthy new 10.5″ iPad Pro for zero dollars. That’s right: Zilch. Nada. It’s an exclusive giveaway running until the end of August. So now’s the time to enter to win a free iPad Pro at the Cult of Mac Store.

In case you need a refresher, the iPad Pro is powerful enough to do the heavy lifting of a computer, but in ultra convenient tablet form. It sports 64GB of drive space and an A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture. That means it’s got serious horsepower for any device. Along with a 12MP camera capable of 4k, 1080p video, and compatibility with a range of styluses and of course Apple Pencil, it’s a genuine powerhouse for digital creatives. The 10.5 inch screen size is a significant boost over the 9.7 inch model. As a result, it has a larger canvas for working and a better screen for viewing. Plus the whole thing is just lovely in design and function.

Enter now: Click here for free entry to win a free iPad Pro. That’s a $649 value.