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Instagram Stories Now Support Photos and Videos That Are More Than 24 Hours Old

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When Instagram Stories first launched, you had to take photos or record videos to post to the ephemeral messaging feature within the app.

And now Instagram has announced that Stories users can add photos or videos from their camera roll that are 24 hours old. This means that users will not have to keep a tab on their Stories and add photos or videos just because they are on a timed schedule. They will now be able to peruse their camera roll on their phone and choose at their leisure.

“Just like you normally would, swipe up from the camera to open your camera roll or tap the gallery icon. Scroll to choose your photo or video, and tap to select what you want to share.”

Instagram does want to make it apparent to viewers when the photos or videos were taken, though, so it will automatically add a sticker that shows the date if the image or video is more than 24 hours old. But it is a sticker, so if you want to remove it (or resize it or reposition it) you can choose to do that.

Instagram says the new feature for Stories is rolling out now, and it is part of the latest update to the Instagram app for both iOS (version 22) and Android (version 18). The update should be available beginning today.

How often do you use the Instagram Stories feature? Is this a particular change that you’re excited about, basically broadening the user selection for content to share?

[via Instagram Blog]

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