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PDFfiller makes it easy to quickly edit and share PDFs from your iPhone.

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This post is presented by PDFfiller.

PDFs might be the most common document format to cross any digital desktop. They’re a universally recognized, great-looking way to share all kinds of readable content. But they’re also famously unfriendly to last-minute edits. Spot a typo on that resume or a confidential detail on that memo? Better hope you have the original document handy.

That’s least likely if you’re spotting a change that needs making from your mobile device. These are situations that PDFfiller for iPhone aims to solve.

PDFfiller: The portable PDF portal

With PDFfiller for iPhone, you get a cloud-based editing suite for any PDF that you can access from your phone. Open up a PDF document, and you can type anywhere on it.

You can black out, erase or highlight text on the PDF, or add annotations or signatures. Lay on watermarks, even videos and graphics. All of these elements can come straight from your iPhone’s library.

Once you’ve edited the PDF, it’s easy to share. You can send a contract that needs a quick revision as an online interactive fillable form via a link, QR code or as an embedded “Fill Online” button on a website. Or you can just email, fax, text or print straight from your iPhone or iPad. Plus, you can save PDFs in other formats, like Word files.

Some of these features actually feel more at home on a phone than on a computer. Signatures, for example, are a lot more naturalistic when made on a touchscreen. And you can add documents stored in other apps on your device.

PDFfiller does more than just bring a few new editing tricks to PDFs. Actually, this PDF app can add extra depth to the way we interact with these popular files.

PDF editing and then some

PDFfiller brings some features that are more generally useful than just touching up PDFs. It offers an interactive audit trail that, for example, lets you and your colleagues track changes on a PDF from anywhere. And the unlimited cloud storage account that comes with the app creates a lot of flexibility for sharing and access.

A set of high-powered organizational features also comes in handy. The ability to create and sort by custom folders, for example, even gives you the option to create encrypted folders. You can also lock documents with two-factor authentication.

Some of the tools feel like they could use refinement or expansion. The text box, for example, capitalizes after each new line, which feels like it should be the user’s choice. But for anyone who works regularly with PDFs, PDFfiller could prove a valuable addition to your app library.

Even better, the PDFfiller app (and all its features) are totally free for iOS users.

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