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Save 60% on the Activeon CX 1080p Action Cam!

Sure, we always have a camera on us in the form of a phone, but if you want to set it up somewhere to capture all the action, then how are you supposed to text and Snapchat everything? Nah, you need something sturdy that can withstand the rough and tumble. You need a camera that can go with you to places you wouldn’t necessarily bring your phone.

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The Activeon CX 1080p Wi-Fi Action Camera is a compact camera that lets you get all the action shots and timelapses you want, and on iMore Digital Offers, it’s only $39.99, 60% off the regular retail price of $99. The Activeon CX records in 1080p at 30FPS, and it’s even waterproof to a depth of 196 feet!

Yeah, almost 200 feet down. And Aqua Mode lets you record underwater, so the next time you’re snorkeling and come across sunken treasure you can document everything. The Activeon app lets you remotely record video right from your phone, and you can then quickly upload it to social media to show everyone how rad doubloons look under water.

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