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HomePod leaves ugly white rings on wood tables

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Apple HomePod smart speaker Listening History
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

HomePod’s across the country are already marking their territory at new homes, but not in a good way.

Apple’s customers have started noticing that HomePod can damage wood furniture by leaving a white ring after resting on a table for just a few minutes or few days.

It’s unclear exactly what causes HomePod to leave behind its mark on wooden tables. Some HomePod owners on Twitter have reported the ring can form in just 20 minutes. It appears that most of the markings go away after a few days.

Apple seemed to confirm the issue today in a statement released to Wirecutter saying “the marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface.” Apple also suggested owners “try cleaning the surface with the [table] manufacturer’s suggested oiling method.”

If the white rings don’t disappear, Apple says you can just refinish the furniture. Considering most people’s furniture costs more than a $350 speaker though, that’s not a very satisfactory solution.

Apple also recommends putting the HomePod on a coaster if you’re worried about damaging your table. We’ve reached out to Apple for more details on what causes the white rings to appear and what type of tables customers should avoid. We’ll let you know when they divulge more info.

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